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About art&o

“Harmonies in a musical piece become goose bumps. Shapes in oil paint on a canvas stir up memories. Verse, well-formed by content and metrics, reveals truths. Beauty inevitably affects us – especially in art. And it is not seldom that we describe something beautiful as a work of art: Prague, for example, when the evening sun illuminates the copper roofs of the city and immerses everything in a golden glow.”

art&o is a project that lies close to our hearts, with which we aim to give artists, musicians, and guests a space to create and enjoy art together. Musicians play gigs, artists redesign our spaces, present their work, or run workshops. We also offer local talents and performers the opportunity to put their ideas into practice and present them to a curious audience. And these are just a few of the possibilities. art&o is an homage to art – the art of today.

Check out our events and stop by – at 34 a&o hostels across Europe.

Travel & Stage

We give musicians a stage!

Those who want to move as many people as possible with their music are best off touring through major cities. With our Travel & Stage programme, we offer musical talents from all genres a stage – audience included. They perform at our hostels and spend the night with us. This allows them to increase their popularity and interact with both local and international communities – and that in the metropolises of Europe!

Travel & Create

Artists redesign our hostels with their artwork!

Travelling to an exciting city can be incredibly inspiring. With Travel & Create, we give artists the space to be creative. Whether paintings, photography, installations, sculptures, exhibitions, working spaces or rooms – our hostels provide plenty of room for creativity. And we provide the right audience as well. The artists stay with us – in exchange, they leave us works of art that embellish and individualise our buildings. They can even redesign entire rooms or paint and decorate a house façade.

Travel & Type

Write for us and spend the night with us!

Where do you find the tastiest food, the best parties, and which cities are really worth a visit? Exploring popular major cities in an authentic way is currently all the rage. Travel bloggers have turned writing while travelling, and about travelling, into their career. With Travel & Type, we invite bloggers to stay with us – in return, they write about their stay, city hotspots, or the special character of major cities.

Travel & Skills

Discover your inner artist!

Travelling offers a great opportunity to try out new things. With our Travel & Skills programme, we provide artists with spaces to run workshops. Here, they can pass on their artistic skills to interested travellers. Whether photography, painting, design, acting, or music – anyone who has ever wanted to learn a creative skill can participate in numerous workshops.

You want to perform in cool cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, or Prague? You want an open-minded audience that you can share your art with? You have a unique perspective, a special writing style, or excellent insider knowledge of Europe’s major cities? You’re especially talented in your artistic skill and want to pass on your knowledge to others?

Then get in touch now!