a&o Kunsthalle

a&o Kunsthalle

  • Brandenburger Straße 2, 04103 Leipzig

a&o Kunsthalle introduces art to a central and an interesting spot in Leipzig (Ex Railway post office)

It aims to become a voice that reflects on our complex surrounding.

This starts with displaying a selection of images, paintings, installations, words and objects, letting go with Inspiration.

Establishing connections  with art academies, cultural institutions and emerging Artists. offering the space to open a dialogue, and create paths between singularities and collectives. Thus generating connections between locals, Visitors, and Artists.

The City of Leipzig as a center of interest, and contemporary art, embraces Artists from various parts of the world. 

We intend to create opportunities for art to travel and visit other cities, with a&o hostels and hotels we have the possibility to reach a new audience. 

Exhibitions are based on the idea of a work in progress. Interventions, and events will develope in collaboration with young 

and emerging Artists. These activities will evoke reflections on themes like: the relation between identity and the otherness, nature and progress, the material and immaterial. As such the Gallery is transformed into a laboratory dedicated to the cultural diversity that characterizes this unique common space. 


Contact us to take part in exhibitions and send us your proposal!